About Us


I’ve spent a good part of my life in design and fashion, owning a successful Interior Design Business and a Contemporary Women’s Boutique. Our Store won Best of the Best in Charlotte three years in a row, we brought in small up and coming designers, one being a young Tory Burch:) Styling my clients was what I enjoyed most. When our jewelry didn’t sell I transformed it into pieces that did. I’ve found as long as I’m keeping my mind and hands engaged, whether it’s painting, making jewelry, or planting in my rose garden, I’m grounded and feel whole. Art feeds the soul, if you’re a creative spirit you need to direct that energy to give your ideas life. Jewelry is a fun and creative way for women to express themselves without saying a word, I believe necklaces are the best accessory as they highlight the face and it’s the first piece of jewelry you see. As a history buff I take a special interest in bringing treasures from the past and incorporating them into my designs. When I travel, I’m always on the hunt for that special little objet d’art that has seen so many lifetimes. Jewelry with a purpose is an added bonus and I love that charms are so popular now. Adding baubles that are inspirational, spiritual, motivational, or heirlooms with sentimental value instill meaning to our ensemble:)

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In The Studio

Fickle Fox Co is an e-commerce platform, our products are sold on our Website, you’ll occasionally find us at a pop up around the Charlotte area, check our events calendar for dates.

Why Buy From Us?

We try to source all of our materials from US manufacturers and suppliers, we feel it’s important to support small businesses and the US economy. We use a variety of metals, sterling silver, 18k gold, rhodium, and gold electroplate. It’s taken time but we’ve managed to find the best quality electroplating companies as all electroplate is not created equal!. I’ve actually worked with metals that “flaked” apart when I opened the links. Quality is extremely important to us and we know it’s important to our customers as well. Costume jewelry must pass the “tarnish test” and I’m happy to say that with reasonable care, and following our care instructions your jewelry can last for years. We’re happy to customize any styles with the choice of your materials, just email us if your item doesn’t have a customization option.